Mosaic #5

We are up to sixty photos already!! I met one family and one stranger in SE Portland, and then attended a postcard party with some of the Nasty Women in NWGSDPDX.

Mosaic #4

I photographed one of my sons yesterday, and today added 23 more women (including two babies). The mosaic DOUBLED to 49! The effect is starting to be visible, and I can’t wait to get to 100. Current Stats: Total photos: 49 Adults: 44 Children: 5 Babes in arms: 3 Strangers: 1 Below: Bryna and Jessi…

Mosaic #3

Two more meetings today–at our accountability group, and at OMSI. Two more children, AND our first stranger! The mosaic is now up to 25! Below: Alicia and her two daughters, and Jessi and her daughter

Mosaic #2

Today there were two meetups. Six people met at the Beaverton library, including our first child! Later in the evening, I photographed folks at the MOB NW meet-up. The mosaic is quadrupled to 16! Below: Four of the five board members of the MOB NW, an alliance of mom-owned businesses in the Portland/PNW area.

Mosaic #1

Today was the first day meeting with others to get this project going! Emily and Gwen met me at Sellwood Park, and later at home, I took my own terrible self portrait. Now I have the first mosaic! Below: Gwen of Montoya Marketing, and her two children.