Get your own sign, poster, sticker, or download:

I began this project as a small way to counter the negativity, hatred, intolerance, close-mindedness that has been swirling around this country. Some of that is coming from Capitol Hill, and some is coming from our fellow citizens.

Many of us are choosing to RESIST by being politically active, and by vocally objecting to that close-mindedness.

In the Portland area, these incredible flag signs are available to make visible our love, welcoming, and acceptance, and to show that we want to create a sense of inclusive community.

Each of us is only one person. But when we work together in shared goals, amazing things happen. We’ve already started to see the effect on our politicians. What about a way to affect our peers?

One person holding this sign makes a statement. And fifty people, a hundred people, a thousand people holding this sign makes a movement.

The individual faces aren’t as visible, and the sign is repeated over and over. Drowning out the negativity and raising our collective voice that we are in this together, we will work and fight for everyone who needs it. A mosaic of inclusion, love and welcoming acceptance. WE are one, despite our individual differences.


NWGSDPDX was founded by Kirsten Hunter, Ali King and Susan Eisman. The mission statement is:
To support an era of activism, democracy and progressive politics in which we advocate for social, financial and environmental justice.Read more about the movement here!

The flag graphic:

“We based our “In Our America” graphic on a design that local artist Jason Maxfield created. We collaborated with graphic designer Sean Donnell to create the modified United States of America flag design. In doing so, we created a flag worthy of the definition of patriotism — “love for or devotion to one’s country.” Our flag includes and upholds the rights of all people, along with the preservation of our planet.

All profits from the sales will be donated to groups that support the values “In Our America.””

Get your own sign, poster, sticker, or download: