I am so thrilled and excited that the sign project photos have surpassed TWO HUNDRED!!

My goal is 250 so that I can create an interactive gallery exhibit in the fall. I haven’t been able to spend much time on the project lately, but I hope to dedicate more time later this summer. The individual random meetups didn’t work very well, but group meetings are perfect. So if you have a business or a group of friends who would all like to do a sign photo (individually and together), please get in touch and we’ll schedule something.

Thank you to the members of the Mom-Owned-Businesses (MOB) group who have been so eager and enthusiastic to be part of this project. Learn more about the group and find tons of local businesses to support here!

Don’t forget to support NWGSDPDX.org and all the hard work they do! They held their first conference in May, and I stopped by at the end to take sign photos. I missed the content of the conference but I was totally psyched up by all the fantastic positive activist energy!

One thought on “Two Hundred!!!”

  1. Hi Julie! I have been admiring all the photos of MOB members supporting this project that flood my FB feed and have been wanting to be a part of it. How big of a group are you looking for? I have several friends who would be interested.

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